Saturday, April 14, 2012

Walk don't Run and carry a pencil

I run in the morning. I run anywhere from 3-7 mile it depends on the weather and the day of the week. Now I just read this about walking on Robert Genn Twice-Weekly Letter , maybe I should walk more.Really slow down and smell the flowers, but I love to run.

 Robert says,"Walking briskly, pushing the blood to your extremities, alone and with minimal distraction along the path, concentrating the mind on the thighs' movements, you trigger imagination and focus. In other words, brisk walking is a form of creative meditation."

 You need a notebook to scrawl the thoughts as they come. After the walk, you need to reassess your scrawls.
The ability to focus is challenged in our society--not just with the nerve-jangled adults but also with the new batch of kids.

 Richard Davidson, a psychologist known for his behavioral research with Rhesus monkeys and studies in meditation with the Dali Lama, has made some interesting discoveries. Children (some of them with learning disorders) were invited to lie on their backs with a pebble placed on their tummies. While deep breathing, they were to focus on the pebble going up and down. After this exercise and for a period of time, they enthusiastically concentrated on schoolwork and other tasks.
I haven't tried watching pebbles going up and down on my tummy, but I sometimes look down at the movement of my feet while walking. It induces a lovely trance. I don't recommend doing it in traffic.

I have watched the pool of water in my belly button as I relax in a warm tub. You can see your heart beat move the ripples, very relaxing.
Brisk walking removes dark clouds, refreshes the artistic mind, encourages the interbreeding of thoughts, and plucks new ideas out of the blue.

 Walking itself is a time-honoured path to spirituality (think Camino de Santiago across northern Spain). There can be no doubt walking stimulates the imagination.

 Walking is a readily available antidote to a sedentary life. Different artists get different results. Mine are all over the place.

When I get back I journal and review my walk notes.
With the brisk walk, you make up your mind. It's as if someone is walking along with you, helping you with your thinking. No matter how long the walk, the best stuff comes during the second half. You may find the last minute is spent running to the studio.

So walk don't run and carry a note book. Now when I don my cool down I will carry a note pad and enjoy the afterglow.

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