Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Business of Art

Scott Fox always has great information. I have read both of his books and he is great. I think he really has some great advice and one of my favorite words some of it is free.

How to Build an Email List – 7 "Cs" to Supercharge Your List Building

How to build an email list challenges everyone new to online marketing.

Learning what to publish to attract subscribers and generate Word of Mouth is tough.

To help you along the path, in this email marketing success video I share my "7 C's".

How to Build an Email List – My 7 "Cs" Basics of Successful Email List-building

1. Collectors: You must prominently display the signup for your noozles if you want people to sign up. This should be automated using email service providers like Aweber, Feedblitz, Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc.

2. Content: To attract subscribers you must offer valuable content (not just promote your own products).

3. Curate: You don't have to write all your email content yourself. Instead you can find and select the best stuff in your field from around the web for sharing. (This also draws attention to your list from bigger players and potential promotional partners (two fer!).

4. Coupons & Contests: To convince people to sign up for your email list, bribery is definitely an option. Incentives like discounts, ebooks, and access to exclusive information can help a lot.

5. Customer Case Studies: Talking about your customers both demonstrates how to actually use your products/services successfully, plus it makes your best customers feel important. (another two-fer!)

6. Concise: Everybody is in a hurry these days. Keep your content short to increase its appeal.

7. Controversy to Attract Comments: Getting people talking – whether its by forwarding your emails, Tweeting, "liking" it on Facebook, or commenting on your blog - is good publicity.
I hope those 7 "Cs" are helpful to your email list-building.

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