Sunday, April 01, 2012

Subject and Balalnce, Life and balance

Elvis the Studio Cat

We all need more balance
Subject matter changes the situation of balance in an artwork because different objects can call more (or less) attention to themselves because of their content and relationships to other objects in the painting. Red will have more weight then pink. When you are painting look at the balance of objects.

Long hours sitting at an easel can be as dangerous as computer work or couch TV.

Recent studies by James Levine, a medical researcher at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota has surprised and shocked the conventional wisdom. Specifically aimed at understanding the sources of obesity, sensors placed on the bodies of a wide range of folks with similar diets found that those who moved around more and, most important, stood a lot, tended to stay trim and fit. Levine figures we have to stop thinking of food as the source of fatness and begin to understand that it's inertia that does us in.

Having said that I am off fr a run and getting away from this computer then I will stand at my easle and paint today.

What do you do to add balance to your life?

 For the month of April
I will be giving away one of my paintings this month, No Fooling. So what do you have to do ? Leave a comment below and yo r name will be entered each time you comment. At the end of the month I will draw a name. Each time you comment your name will be enter. So simple, no fooling. I will post the name of the winner at the end of the month and get your mailing address then.

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