Sunday, July 25, 2010

Putting images on the internet

I like to share this with you:

It is from:The Right Way to Travel is a FREE newsletter from the American Writers& Artists Inc., available to AWAI members and friends.

Selling your paintings online is a great way to make money.
But with the increased exposure you gain by putting your images
online, you also increase your chance of having your pictures stolen
and used without payment.

By posting your photos on a website without reading their fine print
first (see yesterday’s article about selling your photos after they’ve
been posted on Facebook, here:

The good news is that there are a lot of “safe” places on the Internet
where you can store, share, and sell your photos, prints,and have images of your art work.
I’m including a few of them below.

This was written by

Lori Allen Director, AWAI Travel Division

Zenfolio, SmugMug, and Dropbox: Three Safe Places to Store, Share and
Sell Your Photos
1. Zenfolio -- great for storing, sharing, and selling photos. This
site gets extra bonus points for making you look like a professional,
With Zenfolio, you can upload photos to your different galleries and
assign different levels of protection to each gallery.
You can also password protect individual galleries (or all of them)
and create specific lists of people who have access to them.
eA top-tier one-year membership fee at Zenfolio of $100 per
year and that gives you the ability to accept credit cards through the
site, print and display photos, and, with the top-tier membership
level,you can also customize the pages the customer sees so that there
are no advertisements and no mention of Zenfolio. Only your wonderful artwork.

2. SmugMug -- great for storing, sharing, and selling photos. This
site might not look as professional as Zenfolio but it’s a lot more
creative and also cheaper.
Zenfolio charges $100 per year for watermarking your photos,
customizing your pages, and setting different price levels .

I use Smugmug myself. It allows me to store photos of my artwork off of my computer giving me more space on my computer and I don't have to worry about crashes and losing images.I store photos of my art work by month and also by kind of painting. What I like is if I need an image I can retrieve it from any computer anywhere. I also can send a link to a gallery of a gallery page I have set up just for that gallery to look at, Which might be 20 watercolors I would like to show them. You can look down each gallery so no one can look at it with out a pass code.

Smugmug doesn’t allow you to remove the SmugMug logo from your pages
so it loses professional points in that regard. But it does let you
watermark your images, take orders online, charge credit cards, print
on demand, and set different price levels for different customers with
their basic membership rate of just $39.
SmugMug also has different page themes to jazz up your display should
you want to get creative. And they allow you to upload videos…create
slideshows…download apps on your iphone…and more.

Both SmugMug and Zenfolio offer free trials if you’re interested in
testing them out before you buy. But the biggest differences are in
creative control of how your photos are displayed and also in price.

3. Dropbox -- great for storing and sharing photos. This site will
not take credit card orders or print on demand. But it’s free and
great for sharing photos with friends and family.
This free online file storage site allows you to upload, store, and
share files with anyone else who has Dropbox.
You can store up to 2 GB of data when you first sign up. And if you
don’t think that’s enough space, you can invite a friend to join. If
they use your affiliate link to sign up, you get an extra 250 MB of
storage space and so do they (up to 8GB max as a free customer).
The best part is, you can install Dropbox on your computer, too, so
you don’t even have to login to their website to view the items in
your Dropbox folder. Anything uploaded to Dropbox will also appear
automatically on your computer.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Useing Digital Camera

At our recent Jackson Civic Artist Meeting out quest speaker was Jayson Welsh who teaches photoshop at one of the local colleges. He gave us some very helpful hints on how to take pictures of our art work and then how to make the digital images look like the finished painting. I realized how much more I need to learn about working with Lightroom and photo shop.
I have Light room 1 and I see they have now come out with Lightroom 3, I guess it is time for me to upgrade and really learn how to use this wonderful product.I have the current photoshop Elments 8 so I am okay there.

I buy most of my camera equipment on line and I like B& H . I have never had a problem with them. They offer quick service and they have experts on line that can help you.

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