Monday, June 27, 2011

Artist International Gallery

I am the featured artist at Artist International Gallery this week, so if you would like to know a little more about me take a peek. To see some work by artist in the Artists International Gallery click here.

A few more of my daily paintings. My daily paintings will be shown at Art Prize 2011 in Sept. I am not sure at which venue yet. I will let you know as soon at I have one firmed up.To view my daily paintings as I add them each day visit my blog Painting of the Day.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Are you the Artistic Type

I subscribe to Robert Glenn's twice weekly letter. It just pops into my email and it is always a joy to read. I found today's letter very interesting. Read on and take the little quiz at the bottom.

The school of life

June 24, 2011

Dear Artist,

Every year about 900,000 North Americans buy brushes and paints for the first time. Every year, often after a prolonged bout of frustration, about 800,000 folks decide painting is not their thing. These figures are confirmed by the statistics of artists' colourmen and art materials stores. Apparently, at any given time, three percent of the population is trying to paint.

On the surface, painting looks easy, offers mounds of personal satisfaction and has the potential of big bucks. But then again, so does golf. And we all know that golf makes grown men cry.

When closely examined, high-aimed painting is difficult, loaded with disappointment and the dubious benefits of poverty.

My basic idea is that pretty well all motivated persons can become realized painters. But it's a tricky, deceptive path with lots of sink-holes. Certain personality types, in my observation, have a better chance than others. To test yourself against my findings, give yourself a score of one to ten on the following twelve items. You don't have to score well on all. Out of a possible score of 120, if your score is over 70 you'll be a likely candidate for a life in art.






*self-motivated, entrepreneurial

*loner, non-joiner, outsider

*hard worker




*individualistic, resistant to prior programming

The personality traits listed above all sidestep the possibilities of innate talent. Curiously, many with loads of talent don't make it. Talent only completes the equation. While many may have some primal facility in drawing, color or composition, talent may be more the combination of some of those twelve personality traits. In the words of Louis Armstrong, "If ya ain't got it in ya, ya can't blow it out."

Our main job in life is to try to find out what we're good for. Life is a school. We keep taking tests. If we pass a test, we move on. If we fail a test, sooner or later we are given the test again. Failing or succeeding, wise artists know themselves and quickly move through the tests. In art, it takes a lifetime of moving through the tests. Fact is, they never stop coming.

Best regards,


How did you do? Do you have any of these traits? I'm afraid I have all of them, so it's paint on for me. Now go make great art!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Go make great Art

Wash Me
or..... Lets Make Art!

THIS is SCOTT WADE. Check out what he does with the dirty cars by carefully and artfully removing portions of the dirt. According to his web site, he lives real close to a dirt road in San Marcos , Texas ....

Playing in the dirt has never been more fun. Making art should be about having fun and exploring. Scott has the the right idea, you make have to get a little dirty but what the heck. Like the farmer says" If you wrestle with a pig you both get dirty but the pig really likes it."

Now go make some great art.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friends helping friends.

I got this email from a friend of mine Kimberly Conrad,

Here is what she had to say. I have her permission to post this and it sounded so interesting I thought I would try to support her.

Friends & Fellow Artists:

There are a few things weighing heavily on my mind, and I have decided to open up my life, heart, and expose my fragile pride in an attempt to possibly convince you to join with me, or at the very least, send your creative witty thoughts and pearls of wisdom. Please read this entire email, as I will tie up the loose ends and issue a challenge.

First....I seem to be struggling in the creative energy arena…painting suddenly seems like torture....probably due in part to the slight depression from knowing that come August , 3 of my four sons will have left the nest.

Second, are the friends, family members and fellow artists currently fighting breast cancer.Those who know me well know that I have lost 2 dear friends in the past 18 months to this disease. I have an Art for the Cure site where I sell pink art and donate as well as participate in multiple fundraisers benefiting breast cancer research and the breast cancer community.

The third thing weighing heavily on my mind and heart, as well as my knees, ankles and feet, are the extra 45 lbs that I am currently carrying on my 5 foot 5 inch frame.
I cannot believe I am actually publicizing the #, but to those who see me on a regular basis, it is certainly no surprise. Thank you though, for always making me feel as if I’m STILL the DIVA I like to think I was a few years ago!!!!
I need a new challenge….

So….here is the plan…….

Operation 47, Mission #1

I will lose 47 lbs by my 47th birthday, which is November 15th. Just under 5 months, so that is about 10 lbs a month, 2.5 lbs a week…certainly doable, most would agree, yet success has eluded me thus far. I know the hot new phrase is “Fabulous at 50”, it’s on the cover of every magazine, but I cannot wait 3 more years just because it sounds cooler!!

Mission # 2
I will paint 47 new paintings that I will sell for $47.00. each.

Mission # 3
I will donate $4.70 of each of those sales to one of the Breast Cancer foundations I currently support.

I will post my food, exercise, and paintings on my blog each day…..and open up the
comment option….so that you can leave those “pearls of wisdom”, etc.

I would love for you to join me… pledging to do whatever it is that you think would benefit you to do for 47 days……47 hours, 47 times….the sky is the limit, it could be as serious as 47 days of a new exercise program, not smoking, painting 47 pieces on a particular subject, or something fun like smiling 47 times in a day, or collecting 47 new whatever it is that you collect…..I don’t care what it is….but would love to hear about it…….and would love for you to share that journey with me…as I share mine with you…so log on and share at the bottom of the post where you see the little pencil!! Let's turn Operation 47 into CLUB 47!!

Just in case your first thought is "get rich quick scheme”…I have to buy paint, paper, board or canvas, an envelope for shipping, pay for shipping, and pay uncle Sam sales tax….all out of the remaining $42.30….So , you can clearly see it’s not about the $$$$, but about all the ways I can think of to stay focused on the # 47 long enough to reach my goal, raise a little $$$ for my favorite cause, give everyone the opportunity to be able to afford an original piece of art, and possibly spread a little motivation and encouragement to those who need it, in a creative way.

Visit my blog at
I will share my progress daily, as well as my new $47.00 painting!!

Thanks in advance for all of your support..….this could be GREAT fun, and quite motivating for all involved!!!

Kimberly Conrad

I want to keep Kim on track so :

I will paint 47 watercolor and put them up for sale at $47.00, I will donate $4.70 from each sale to Hospice ( my charity of choice). And to keep Kim motivate I will exercise daily. To see how long I can keep this up visit my Art on Paper blog where I will post the new work. If you like to give Kim a "that a girl keep up the good work" or join in the fun stop in at her blog and leave a comment.

This is an original watercolor and be purchased for $47.00. It is 9x12. Click here to buy. This offer is for a limited time.

Here are a few of my daily paintings that can be seen on my Painting of the Day blog.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Painting Habit

Creativity is a habit, there is no natural genius. One of the best things you can do if you want to become a better artist is get exposure to other good artist who painting in a style that you enjoy.

Creativity vs Skill: It takes skill to paint what you imagine in the middle of the night or in day dreams. Skill can be developed by practice,repetitive learning and pain staking reflection on your work. Creativity must be nurtured . Whether you paint photo realism, abstract expressionism, or something in between you must be able to build those Lego bridges between skill and creativity.

Henry David Thoreau Quotes

"I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor."

Daily Paintings from May
Daily painting is one of the best habits I have ever started.

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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Daily Painter

Here are a few of my daily paintings for the past few weeks.
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