Friday, June 24, 2011

Are you the Artistic Type

I subscribe to Robert Glenn's twice weekly letter. It just pops into my email and it is always a joy to read. I found today's letter very interesting. Read on and take the little quiz at the bottom.

The school of life

June 24, 2011

Dear Artist,

Every year about 900,000 North Americans buy brushes and paints for the first time. Every year, often after a prolonged bout of frustration, about 800,000 folks decide painting is not their thing. These figures are confirmed by the statistics of artists' colourmen and art materials stores. Apparently, at any given time, three percent of the population is trying to paint.

On the surface, painting looks easy, offers mounds of personal satisfaction and has the potential of big bucks. But then again, so does golf. And we all know that golf makes grown men cry.

When closely examined, high-aimed painting is difficult, loaded with disappointment and the dubious benefits of poverty.

My basic idea is that pretty well all motivated persons can become realized painters. But it's a tricky, deceptive path with lots of sink-holes. Certain personality types, in my observation, have a better chance than others. To test yourself against my findings, give yourself a score of one to ten on the following twelve items. You don't have to score well on all. Out of a possible score of 120, if your score is over 70 you'll be a likely candidate for a life in art.






*self-motivated, entrepreneurial

*loner, non-joiner, outsider

*hard worker




*individualistic, resistant to prior programming

The personality traits listed above all sidestep the possibilities of innate talent. Curiously, many with loads of talent don't make it. Talent only completes the equation. While many may have some primal facility in drawing, color or composition, talent may be more the combination of some of those twelve personality traits. In the words of Louis Armstrong, "If ya ain't got it in ya, ya can't blow it out."

Our main job in life is to try to find out what we're good for. Life is a school. We keep taking tests. If we pass a test, we move on. If we fail a test, sooner or later we are given the test again. Failing or succeeding, wise artists know themselves and quickly move through the tests. In art, it takes a lifetime of moving through the tests. Fact is, they never stop coming.

Best regards,


How did you do? Do you have any of these traits? I'm afraid I have all of them, so it's paint on for me. Now go make great art!

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Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Well, I got an 84. I did give myself a 10 for exhibitionistic! LOL!

Delilah said...

That sounds good to me, I think they meant it to be about your art LOL