Sunday, June 19, 2016

How to stay motivated with you art

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." (Albert Einstein)

I have a vivid imagination but sometimes I lose the strength to keep going. All it takes is a few negative comments on my art a week or two of no sales and I have lost my magical glow. How do I get that spark going again? A soft warm kitty hug helps but I still need more.

I am a full time self employed artist. I spend 90% of my day in my studio alone. In the summer I have yard work and a ton to other demands on my time but I still have to log the hours in the studio. I become overwhelmed. I get up at 5 go to bed at 12 and still everything does not get done.Its hard to stay creative and motivated when you are tired.

1. Allow yourself a day of rest.

“If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful at all.” Michelangelo

2. Sell some artwork!

 Nothing more motivating than selling some of your artwork. It’s immediately gratifying and motivational that other people find value in your artistic expression. How? List a few pieces on Ebay, enter some local shows, add some Paypal buttons to your website, try newsletter art marketing, contact friends who might be interested and join social media sites. There are tons of things you can do to sell more of your work. Just realize it doesn’t happen automatically. YOU initiate the conversations that result in sales. Once you see that $500 (or whatever) in your PayPal account or an email inquiry to purchase one of your works you will be motivated beyond belief to create more and more work to sell.

Put something small or that has been in stock forever on ebay auction at 1.00 its fun to watch the bidding.

3. Daily Routines and be a self starter
When I feel deflated like an old red balloon. I just keep  to my daily routines. This is hard for me right now I have lots of interruptions so I must push on and try to get those routines back.

4. Don't wait for inspirations just say I am going to paint " pick a number" of paintings this week and painting. DON'T JUDGE JUST PAINT.

5. Organize your studio
I find when things get messy I lose my motivation. Today I clean my studio.

Let me know what helps motive you.

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