Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Studio Space

I spent the weekend working on my studio space. Putting storage shelves and rearranging the general work area. I now have a big mess to finish organizing this week.It seem that the days are not long enough to get it all done.

I love working in my flower garden but now I have the grass to mow also. Now I paint for two hours and do yard work for one then back to painting after I toss some wash in the machine.

Somewhere I have to find the time to update that mailing list of mine and finish the news letter that should have gone at last month.

It's not all work here at the studio. I took a long break today at 5PM and paddle boated around the lake for two hours. It was 80 and sunny.Life is good.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Shows/exhibits for summer 2007

Representing the positive with uniquely radiant paintings.
2007 calendar ,

Next Show
Lyndhurst Ohio June 9&10 07
12th Annual Art Fair Columbus Ohio June 23&24 2007
Luddington Mi, 40th annual West Shore Art Fair
June 30& July1 2007 www.westshoreartleague.org
Mackinac Island July 13-15, Great Lakes Plien Air Painters ( painting on the island )
Marquette Mi ,49th Art on the Rock
July 28-29 www.artontherocks.org
Nappanee Indiana, 45th Annual Amish Acers
Aug2-5 2007, www.amishacers.com
Rochester Michigan, Spotlights Market
Sept 7-9 2007 www.meadowbrooktheatreguild.com
Sedona Arizona, painting with William Scott Jennings
Oct 15-19, 2007 www.sedonaartscenter.com
Updates on events added monthly

Delilah travel through out the United States painting.

Fresh Plowed


Fresh Plowed
Fresh Plowed, painting by Delilah Smith

About This Painting:

It's spring in Michigan and if you are in farm country you see lots of freshed plowed fields. I love the smell of the fresh turned earth.
Landscape painting on hardboard 5x7 oil ready to frame. A fresh plowed field,ready for seed.

Media: oil painting on hardboard
Size: 7 in X 5 in (17.8 cm X 12.7 cm)
Price: $100 USD

How to Purchase:

Buy this painting on PayPal
Price: $100 USD plus $10 USD s/h
Or, send me an email

Monday, May 21, 2007

Plien Air Paintings

Here are two paintings done on Saturday in Marshall Michigan with the Greater Michigan Plein Air painters. If you are in the Michigan Area and would like to join them for a paint out or to take a workshop please look at their web site at www.glpapa.com
The group is wonderful to paint with and I will join them again in July to paint on Mackinac Island.

Great Lakes Plein Air Painters

The Plein Air painters painted this weekend in Marshall Michigan. The Brooks mansion,Avery Garden and the Brewer Estate were the sites of the paint out. Marshall Framing Studio had a reception for us that evening. The weather started out drab and cool almost cold then warmed up in the afternoon with lots of sunshine. I am posting some of the view we were able to paint from and I will post the finished oil paintings that I completed later today.

The grounds were in full spring bloom. Warm fresh green was everywhere.

This weather vein was very interesting as were many sculptures in the gardens around the old mansion. The owners were so kind to allow us to paint for the day in their private gardens.

This little nook of the house was very interesting. I started painting it and the large pine tree that you can just see in the corner of the picture in the early morning. It was such a dull gray morning that I had a hard getting the feel that I wanted and I think I will do a secound painting later.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Red Pear (click on picture to bid )

Red Pear
6x6x1 1/2
oil on gallery wrapped stretched canvas

The Color RED part 2

The eye is drawn to the color red, it is a very dominate color. The first reds were introduced by Egyptian artist who used madder root and cinnabar to add to their palettes of black white and ochres.

Cadmium Red: available in light, medium,and deep. A very strong, opaque color that blackens when mixed with other copper pigments. If mixed with cadmium yellow gives a warm opaque yellow. This Red is one of two reds I use on my limited color palette.

Scarlet Red: A bright red with blue under tones good for glazing and washes.

Alizarian Crimson: A dark, transparent cool red with blue under tones. You can add this to other reds to darken them. Good for transparent washes. This is the synthetic version of rose madder. I use Alizarian crimson on my limited palette.

Vermillion: A bright intense red. It can turn black if left in the sunlight.

Carmeine: A traditional red.

Rose Madder: A transparent red made from the madder root.

Permanet Rose: Mixed with ultramarine to get a great purple.

Venetian Red: A orange earth red made from iron oxide.

Indian Red: A warm, dark earth red with a blur undertone. Makes cool colors when mixed.

Earth Reds: red ochre,red oxide,mars red, burnt sienna,terra rosa, red earth.

Remember using a complementary color intesifies a colour. Red will advance in a painting when place beside a backround of dark blue or green.