Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Color RED part 2

The eye is drawn to the color red, it is a very dominate color. The first reds were introduced by Egyptian artist who used madder root and cinnabar to add to their palettes of black white and ochres.

Cadmium Red: available in light, medium,and deep. A very strong, opaque color that blackens when mixed with other copper pigments. If mixed with cadmium yellow gives a warm opaque yellow. This Red is one of two reds I use on my limited color palette.

Scarlet Red: A bright red with blue under tones good for glazing and washes.

Alizarian Crimson: A dark, transparent cool red with blue under tones. You can add this to other reds to darken them. Good for transparent washes. This is the synthetic version of rose madder. I use Alizarian crimson on my limited palette.

Vermillion: A bright intense red. It can turn black if left in the sunlight.

Carmeine: A traditional red.

Rose Madder: A transparent red made from the madder root.

Permanet Rose: Mixed with ultramarine to get a great purple.

Venetian Red: A orange earth red made from iron oxide.

Indian Red: A warm, dark earth red with a blur undertone. Makes cool colors when mixed.

Earth Reds: red ochre,red oxide,mars red, burnt sienna,terra rosa, red earth.

Remember using a complementary color intesifies a colour. Red will advance in a painting when place beside a backround of dark blue or green.

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