Saturday, November 16, 2013

Why do some people not create?

Where was the human potential lost? How was it crippled? A good question might be not why do people create, but why do people not create?" (Abraham Maslow, 1908-1970)

"God may work in light, but we mortals work in pigment. Getting the 

colour of the light through haze in front of a distant range of hills is, for 

many, the Holy Grail. It's not in the magic of some new pigment, it's a 

matter of looking, seeing, mixing, testing and adjusting.

Looking is opening your mind to your impressions.

Seeing is replacing what you know with what you see.

Mixing is the knowledgeable confluence of pigments.

Testing is comparing your preparations with the truth.

Adjusting is the will to fix your flagrant wrongs."( Robert Glenn)


Friday, November 15, 2013

Does Whiskey and Oil Painting Mix?

Art by Delilah

Morning Snow, Delilah

Morning Snow, Delilah, painting by Delilah Smith
About This Painting: The snow has melted but we did have a nice covering for a few days. So when the snow falls it's time to put on your winter painting cloths and make foot prints in the snow. I am an oil painter for the most part but there is a group of water colorist called the whiskey painters that I am told put whiskey in their winter painting water to keep it from freezing.

Here is the real storey of Whiskey Painters of America.
Joe, traveling extensively for his firm, and longing to paint on these trips, devised a small palette out of an aspirin box, divided with plastic strips to hold his paint and devised a screw-together brush [like a pool cue] that would fit inside this small box along with strips of watercolor paper cut to about 4" X 5" so that all would fit neatly into his shirt pocket.
After business hours were completed, Joe would retire to the nearest "Watering Hole" for relaxation and friendly imbibing. He would then remove his small painting kit, and to the delight of the bartenders and patrons, produce one of his miniature masterpieces by dipping his brush into his glass of booze, which then he would give away......Needless to say, he was an instant celebrity, making many new friends and rarely having to buy a drink! His mini paintings, which he dubbed "   Whiskey Paintings",    
became a sought after commodity!
Too bad it doesn't work with oil paints because whiskey and oil just doesn't work. I do have a small 5x7 thumb box that I take with me that hold 5x7 canvas and  oil paints and I love it.

Morning Snow
oil painting on canvas that has been mounted on a museum quality panel
Media: oil painitng
Size: 8 in X 6 in (20.3 cm X 15.2 cm)
Price: $100 USD
How to Purchase:

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Price: $100 USD plus $10 USD s/h

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Thank You:
Art by Delilah, with a Passion for PaintingAll Images © 2006-2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013

How to start a new art series

Let's Get Excited,  Do you have big ideas?

That is; which artworks do you love the most? Are there arts that you feel you simply couldn't live without? Is there Art that make you think that all other forms could be deleted from history and you wouldn't mind?

What's your BIG idea? What excites you? 

What takes your breath away, keeps you up at night, and makes you smile all day long?

Sometimes it's "distant and far away," vague or fuzzy, but it's in there!
 Find it, dust it off and pursue it!

 People will join you and things will unfold in amazing ways. Lift your eyes, dream your dreams, 

But  First you must take action! It's what makes life worth the living!

Make a list

1. Traditional landscapes.
2. Local views.
3. Modern or semi-abstract landscapes.
4. Abstracts.
5. Dogs.
6. Figure studies (excluding nudes).
7. Seascapes, harbour, and beach scenes.
8. Wildlife.
9. Impressionistic landscapes.
10. Nudes.

You get it's your list just start the list.

Just do it-----start!

Biker Bees Go Home
Biker Bees Go Home, painting by Delilah Smith
About This Painting:
Biker Bees go Home
oil painting on stretched canvas\11x14x 1/2
Media: oil painting
Size: 14 in X 11 in (35.6 cm X 27.9 cm)
Price: $380 USD
How to Purchase:


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It.s the little things

“It's the little things you do that can make a big difference. What are you attempting to accomplish? What little thing can you do today that will make you more effective? You are probably only one step away from greatness.” - Bob Proctor, LifeSuccess Productions, L.L.C.

I have often wondered if I would have taken a different choice when I had them where would I be today. I know little things can have such a big impact. Sending thank you cards to clients. Putting away and cleaning up at the end of the day so when you return to the studio the next day it is fresh.

Most important just stopping and really looking. So simple but so important. What little things have you done that have made such a big impact?


Tuesday, November 05, 2013

News From the Studio

"Time is a river which sweeps me along, but I am the river; 

it is a tiger which destroys me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire

which consumes me, but I am the fire." (Jorge Luis Borges)

Art by Delilah
With a Passion for Painting

Trick or Treat
Happy Halloween
 There's no doubt about it--Fall is in full swing. Here in the Midwest, the leaves are changing colors, and yards are becoming littered with them with every wisp of the wind. School has been back in session long enough to have lost its appeal to the children.

With summer now a distant memory and the holidays just far enough around the corner to keep full-blown panic at bay, we think it's the perfect time of year to clear the slate--or cleanse the "palette," so to speak--and become fully immersed in art, taking on new creative challenges along the way. 

If you are thinking of giving a gift of art now is the time to commission it to have it in time for Christmas giving.

News From the Studio

We have a new baby in the studio and he is quite a handful.

Hot off the Easel

The Perfect Dive
oil painting
Click here to buy

Chubby Birds in an Oak Tree
Oil Painting
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Rooster No. 19
Oil Painting

Thank You and Have a wonderful November


Sunday, November 03, 2013

Tips from a Painter Bum

I'm a painter bum. People ask me how do I find the time to paint so much and how do I get that painting a day done. Here are a few tips from my studio that might help you::

Keep regular habits by day and week.

Have your workplace nearby and handy.

Use a day-timer--plan your work; work your plan.

Always ask--"Is this action necessary?"( It;s easy to get distracted)

Be businesslike--discourage time-wasters and interlopers.

Be efficient and mindful of wasted motion in your space. Keep your work space neat,

Keep Supplies on hand

As far as possible, get stuff delivered order on line .Be modern--pay bills, bank, book flights, etc., online.

Have shipments Picked up

Keep your dress code practical and simple. You don't need to look good in a studio.

I wear my husbands old shirts, they work great to paint in. I am the neighborhood painter bum , every neighborhood needs one.

When you are in public dress professionally.
  1. a person who devotes a great deal of time to a specified activity.
    "a ski bum"
Yes I am an art Addict. An Art Bum, fan aficionado, yes I am the the neighborhood painter bum, there is room for

another one..

I devote all my time to my art but I like to make the most of my day.And all work and no play would make for a very dull day.

Quit your day and move to a relatively decision-free mode: Play well, laugh much, love much, sleep well.

Here are a few of the paintings that I did in Oct. Paint on my friends.


Friday, November 01, 2013

The Impossible Task

"Ars longa, vita brevis est," said Hippocrates (460-377BC) "Life is short, art is long."

What lies are holding you back as an artist? If these are are some of things that you believe rethink them and get going.

  • Artists never really make a lot of money.

  • The life of an artist 

  • is filled with sacrifice.

  • Artists are weird.

  • Artists are social misfits.

  • The artists who are rich had special advantages.

  • Success is about who you know
  • .
  • No one wants my artwork, really.

  • Being successful will prevent me from painting what I want.

  • There is no room for more "greats."Everything has been doone.

  • The only successful artists are modern artists and I'm a fill in the blank.

  • I have to put in my time and can't succeed till I'm older.

  • I'm too old to get good.

  • I don't deserve success.I haven't been at it long enough

  • My parents were right, this art thing will never amount to anything.

  • I'm an artist because it's what my parents wanted me to do.

  • I could never sell enough paintings to quit my day job.

  • There are so many artists who deserve success more than me.Heck there are just so 

  • many artist, how will I ever get noticed
Promoting yourself can be super awkward. Shilling your wares and trying to get noticed can 

leave you feeling like a husk of a human, and networking can truly be the worst. But it's a 

necessary evil if you want to be successful.

I get a little better at it as I practice. It's not what I want to do but it's what I must do to keep selling my art.

Need some inspiration? Here are few artist site to see art or to find some help.

Need a few more go to NY Arts Artists Resource

Just remember:
In order to be happy," said Winston Churchill, "you need to find a task that requires perfection, is impossible to achieve, and spend the rest of your life trying to achieve it."

Here's to your art career!