Monday, May 21, 2007

Great Lakes Plein Air Painters

The Plein Air painters painted this weekend in Marshall Michigan. The Brooks mansion,Avery Garden and the Brewer Estate were the sites of the paint out. Marshall Framing Studio had a reception for us that evening. The weather started out drab and cool almost cold then warmed up in the afternoon with lots of sunshine. I am posting some of the view we were able to paint from and I will post the finished oil paintings that I completed later today.

The grounds were in full spring bloom. Warm fresh green was everywhere.

This weather vein was very interesting as were many sculptures in the gardens around the old mansion. The owners were so kind to allow us to paint for the day in their private gardens.

This little nook of the house was very interesting. I started painting it and the large pine tree that you can just see in the corner of the picture in the early morning. It was such a dull gray morning that I had a hard getting the feel that I wanted and I think I will do a secound painting later.

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