Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Focus or Fail, The life of an Artist

Art by Delilah

Focus. More artists fail for lack of focus than any other reason.

 I know a wonderful artist who changes styles with the flip of the calendar. He tries contemporary, representational, impressionistic, and trompe l'oiel. He cannot stay focused long enough for any one style/voice to be heard.

I also have trouble staying focused. I work 99% of my time in oils. I have painting in watercolor the last week because I am traveling and this works for me when I travel. My development ficaus as an artist in in oils.

Until an artist can find a voice/style that connects with the buying public and stay with it long enough for the foundation to take root, he will always be way back in the pack, frustrated and angry because he has not been "discovered." Many begin the course, find a medium they love and a style/voice people are willing to pay to own. Just about the time the publice gets to know them and that artist voice is being heard, they get bored and literally go back to the begining by changing mediums, style/voice and subjects.

Right now I am concentrating on fish,lakes,ponds, and marsh land. I will be painting this mostly for the next year. As I develop a style and a voice in this subject.

The most negative statement I hear from artists is, "I get bored."

Wow I know all about that. It is so hard to keep focused after painting a hundred still lifes of a pepper.

Then my suggestion to you is think outside of the box paint it a little differently or add something to the painting. I know I started adding bees and dragonflies to my still life art.

 If  you are going to earning a living as an artist you need to stay focused. The reason is this: you must be able to remain focused and stay the course to reach the other shore. No sailor would start a trans-Atlantic voyage and get bored about half way there because of the doldrums. He would hoist canvas and keep plodding along until a fresh wind filled his sails. Focus or Fail.

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