Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Sting of Rejections

Thomas Kinkad died at age 54.

The mainstream art world ridiculed Thomas Kinkade. Like the French Impressionist he received scorn and had trouble getting into exhibitions and museums.

 Thomas Kinkade might have known how the French Impressionist felt. The American artist who died earlier this month was, despite his commercial success,was derided by the official art world. He had no presence in museums, most of which politely avoided comment on his death.

The comparisons end there to the French painters. He would of course overcome skepticism of his work to become one of the most beloved artists of all time. Some estimate that he was making over $100 million from image merchandise per year, and was a household name. Point blank -- Kinkade  has been estimated to have his prints in 1 out of 20 homes in the United States.

Did I like his work, it doesn't matter, my point is:

      Kinkade -- when alive -- took all the criticism in stride. He knew that he had a legion of fans,was making millions of dollars from his art (some estimate that he was making over $100 million from image merchandise per year), and was a household name.

Here is one statement made by a critique:
Kinkade isn’t content with shying away from ugliness: He sees nothing beautiful in the world the way it is. He thinks it needs polishing. He loves the world in the same way that a pageant mom thinks her child is just adorable—or will be, after she loses ten pounds, dyes and curls her hair, gets implants, and makes herself almost unrecognizable with a thick layer of make-up. Normal people recoil from such extreme artifice—not because they hate beauty, but because they love it.
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Wow that had to sting.

So the next time your work is: rejected form a show, a gallery turns you down for representation, an art critic doesn't give your work the best review: think of Thomas Kinkade. I am sure he laughed all the way to the bank.

Put it behind you and go out and make art that inspired you.Make the best art you know how and develop a thick skin.

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