Monday, July 18, 2011

You Tube Video

Making a You Tube Video is not as easy as you might think. I have a great camera a Canon GL 2 which I have been told is outdated and does not work with my new lap top. I bought the camera  2 years ago and

Canon GL 2 Camcorder - 410 KP - 20 x optical zoom - Black, silverit was not cheap.I paid over $ 2000.00 for it.

 I considered it an investment in my artistic career at the time. I said, gee whiz,when I was told it was outdated; I just bought it. I was told that it had been on the market for several years and was considered dated now.

I have been trying to learn how to use it over the last 2 years, I'm a slow learner. I have made about 5 video with it, none that  will get any awards but I have started.

I bought the software for video editing and started. So I have a big investment into five not very good videos now.

 My old desk top HP was getting slow and I thought it was time for a new computer . I got a New top of the line HP laptop. It was one of the New Entertainment PC from HP. I didn't  realize that my bright new new lap top doesn't have a firewire port and also had no place for a application to make one.

I went back to the store where I purchased it and ask about an adaptor of some kind for my new laptop to be able to run my camcorder download to the computer and edit them, and publish to you tube or make CD's. They said HP doesn't make it for their new lap tops because the new cheaper model of camcorders do not need firewires. They told me I should have bought an Apple.

I went home and called Canon and HP support. Canon doesn't return my emails and HP sent me India where the person had no idea what I was talking about nor could she understand my English.She ask me to spell my name 3 times (SMITH) . I felt like was talking to that guy on the Discover Card commercial

I also called B&H where I purchased the Camera and buy all my video supplies. B&H told me the camera was out of date and they offered nothing to help me with my PC problem.

My blood is still boiling over at all of this but I will figure it out.
I am using my tiny little travel HP TouchSmart which has a slid out adaptor to accommodate a fire wire Express Card so I am still in business for a while.

As I said the learning curve can be steep if you do not just dive in and start. So I am really going to start working at this part of my marketing effort, road blocks and stumbling stones aside. Today was my first attempt at put my voice with a video clip. I accidental edited  out parts of the sound. I have lots of work to do to get better at this. But I have a goal and a direction in mind.  I wanted to keep this as a reminder of where I started. and I hope to get better real soon.

"The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams."
-- Eleanor Roosevelt

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Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

It was fun watching you work! It skipped around a bit here and there and it says "the finish" painting instead of "the finished" painting, but otherwise great job! I would like to do some of these, but have decided (since I'm techy - challenged) to have my daughters fiance do any video work that's needed. That was his major in college. Great job!! Great little painting too!