Thursday, July 28, 2011

Artist Tip of the Week

I an doing the art show Art On the Rocks in Marquette Mi this weekend July 30 and 31.  As I was getting my list of things together for the show I thought I would share some of the must have items with you.

Intended Use
Duct Tape
XXX Important - attaches anything to anything.
Bungee Cords
Hold a display to a table, or possibly hold up the table.
Spring Clamps
Good all around fastener.
Step Stool or Ladder
If you were tall, you would be in the NBA not doing craft shows.
A must have for pounding in stakes and fending off unwanted visitors.
Nylon Rope
Keep it handy for attaching tie down screws or dragging your car out of the mud.
409 or Similar Cleaner
Because even despite your best efforts stuff will get dirty.
Waterproof Coat
I know it's not gong to rain, just bring it.
Tightens any bolt and converts Mesh Panels, so you don't have to try with a spring clamp.
Did We Mention Duct Tape?
You will need it. Do not leave home without it.

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1 comment:

Sandy2007 said...

I can add:
hand wipes, since those porta potties don't usually have sinks to wash;
warm jacket;
lots of water;
food, since the food at some of these things leave a lot to be desired;
weights for the tent in case they don't always allow stakes (we don't use stakes at all);
was duct tape mentioned?
and a really positve attitude (which you don't have any problem with, you're always positive and upbeat. :))