Friday, July 29, 2011

Field of Paint

One of the main problems many artists have with credentialed shows is that the effort upsets the natural flow of personal process. The better artists I know get up in the morning, put on their pants, and go to work. Figuring out where the work is to end up and who they are as artists comes afterward. This is the brilliance and uniqueness of our job. Artists who forget this become caterers and polishers of brass. Robert Genn

Oh so true Robert, so guys get out there and paint. I paint for myself I feel like that he did in  Field of Dream, " if I paint it they will come". Well maybe only the muse,will come  but most days that' s enough. In the mean time I paint it . So build your  dreams and your customers will keep coming back. One day your dreams will become a reality.

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Sandy2007 said...

I have found if I make my rugs to please me, they please others as well. It's harder work to do special orders unless they say they want a rug 'so big' and 'sort of these colors' or 'kind of like this one'. 'You're the artist, do what you do best.' I LOVE those special orders. They are sooo much easier. Also, if someone came to me and said to copy someone else's rug, I would either guide them to something I do, or flatly refuse. I refuse to copy someone else's work-actually I must have a block or something, since I'm really UNABLE to copy. :)

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

I agree that we just need to be who we are and paint, paint, paint...or work in whatever medium you use.