Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray,birds
Shades of Gray,birds, painting by Delilah Smith
About This Painting: Last year early on a rainy morning I stopped at a very visible street light when I was taken away at how the colors of light looked against the dreary gray of the sky. I knew right then that I would paint that light against the gray of the sky because it is stuck in my head. 

When the light turned and I was just about to head off on a day of to do's ,I looked to the right and as far as I could see into the gray mist of the morning rain  a line of birds just sitting there dripping in the light morning rain waiting. I knew that I would paint those birds again and again because they also became stuck there in that foggy place in my head where images sleep and magic happens right there tucked away for an artist.
Shades of Gray
12x9 inch watercolor on 140 lb watercolor paper
Media: watercolor
Size: 9 in X 12 in (22.9 cm X 30.5 cm)
Price: $35 USD
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