Monday, January 04, 2016

Looking for Love in All the Right Places, The real job of art

When setting your goals for the year think about these things:

1. Start small and build a following one collector at a time.

2. You can choose a niche or look for a pattern in your current collectors.

3. Turn your passion into your art.Sailing,Flower Gardening,golfing,Landscape painting and find collector who have a similar passion.What makes you you?

4.Look at a lot of art , where does your work fit how is it unique?

5.Be a Big Fish in your small niche pond.

6. Be all you can be, take advantage of small opportunity as they come to you. The grass is not greener somewhere else.Click those ruby slippers together and repeat after me there is no place like home.We all want to find the right collector, ones who appreciate our art as much as we do.They are the ones who give us the freedom to be as creative as possible.You don't have to change for them like in "Bridget Jones Diary" they will like you just the way you are.

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