Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is it Possible

All you need to know is that it’s possible.

"Problems are an important part of maturing--meet them straight on. Work them out. It's like the chick in the egg. It has to break through the eggshell on its own. That's how it gains its first strength. If you break the shell for the chick, you end up with a puny little runt." Mark Tobey to Wesley Wehr)

Creativity involves two processes: thinking, then producing.

If you have ideas, but don't act on them, you are imaginative but not creative.

What's possible. Once you start to think about it don't dismiss it. Somewhere in the world, someone is doing something that you decided couldn't be done. By calling your bluff and by pointing out the possibilities,they are doing the things that will change everything. It raises the bar and eliminates any comfort of hiding in your own fears, you can embrace the challenge and take a chance to stretch your creative muscle.

Become a dedicated self-starter and persistent worker, get your mind around the problem and know it is possible.

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