Saturday, May 08, 2010

Exhibition at the Duderstadt

The Gallery Opening for Traveling Balance Exhibition was last night. The Exhibition will be at the The Duderstadt Center at the University of Ann Arbor from May 7- 31 2010.

Here is one of my paintings with my partners mobile casting wonderful shadows as it spins.

Each Artist was paired with another.

The first painting was up to each artist. The next was a response to their partners work. The Theme was Balance.

Balance means different things to different people so it was a very interesting exhibition to view and an even more challenge one to be apart of as an artist.

Several of the artist did installations which were very exciting to view and bet will be a challenge to travel to each of the galleries.

As a viewer I don't think many people realize the works that goes into setting up an exhibition, having an opening, manning it during opening hours then moving it to the next gallery. I know I never did.

There were both 2D and 3 D work.

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