Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How Creative are you

Creativity is a learned behavior.How you approach things, how you act or react to new circumstances, the way you look at things , your willingness to question, experiment, and take chances. Highly Creative People have many things in common:

1. Have the COURAGE to try new things and risk failure

2. Use INTUITION as well as logic to make decisions and produce ideas.

3 Like to PLAY

4.Are EXPRESSIVE and willing to share what they feel and think, to be themselves.

5. Research and critical thinking are key tools for the creative person.

6.Are MOTIVATED BY A TASK rather than by external rewards

7.Have a need to FIND SOLUTIONS to challenging problems

8.Will CHALLENGE ASSUMPTIONS and ask hard questions to discover what is real.

9.Can MAKE CONNECTIONS between old ideas to produce new insights.

10.Will PUSH THE ENVELOPE and Are willing to TEST new ideas and compete with others based on results.

I remember the first date I went on with my Husband, he ask me if I had ever went sky diving ? I said , No why do yo ask? He looked at me and said, you seem like a risk taker.

Well, he was right I am a risk taker.
One particularly common trait of creative people is enthusiasm. The phrases "driving absorption," "high commitment," "passionate interest," and "unwilling to give up" describe most creative people. The high energy also appears in adventurous and thrill-seeking activities.

Don't some of your most creative colleagues ride motorcycles, fly airplanes, sky dive, climb cliffs, or downhill ski?

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