Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ways to look at your comosition

There are a lot of ways to look at your composition.

Mirror The mirror is a good tool to affirm a composition choice and will also come in very handy later, when the painting is in progress.

Looking at the subject upside-down in the mirror or viewing the painting and the subject together in the mirror will miraculously show the painter where weaknesses are.I have never been a fan of the upside down thing but if it works for you great.

 View your painting through dark red glass .
If you’ve never heard this particular term before, having “clean values” is simply artspeak for a work of art with convincing colors and strong, visually meaningful values.

Take photo and change it to gray values.

I am still working on the composition of the Chick Bar Painting. As I started the back ground color I realized that I would to have more going on in the foreground. I had originally planned on painting the area under the bar dark. I changes my mind and added legs and bar stools. As I work on this painting it will have many changes.

I am currently just laying down the local color of objects to fill in the real estate.

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