Friday, September 23, 2011

Click Click is anyone open your email news letter ?

 An email newsletter is a critical tool for every artist blog and  website . It enables you to build a relationship directly with your most loyal customers and followers. It proactively encourage them to buy your art, services, and  follow your career .
“Consumers Respond To Email Offers From Marketers and Publishers On
Different Days.

 The best days to achieve high click-through rates on
email campaigns varied for both marketers and publishers.

The data
reveals that marketers have the highest click-through rates between
Tuesdays and Thursdays with an average of 6.5%, while publishers have
the highest click-through rates on the weekends with an average rate
of 9.4%. These results indicate that consumers tend to respond to
marketing offers during the week possibly from work where the
connection speed is higher, while they prefer to read newsletters from
publishers on the weekend when they have more leisure time.”

Source: Doubleclick Press Release

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