Thursday, March 24, 2011

Working on a Painting

I am still working on this painting that I started a few weeks ago.I have been working on the color and value in the still life.

A painter has five basic weapons in his armoury.
1. Tone
2. Colour Intensity.
3. Texture.
4. Warm & Cool.
5. Linear Composition & Shape.

Using shape we can make things larger in the foreground and smaller as they recede. Using warm and cool we can make things appear to recede as we can with tone.

More detailed texture in the foreground will also bring things into apparent focus. But the use of colour intensity can make objects actually appear to be several inches in front of the canvas.

I liked the feel of the painting here, but this is a commission and so I'm got a few more things to add.

I needed a little contrast so I added a few dark flowers.

I am still working on this so there will be more updates to come. It's time for bed right now, so more tomorrow.

A few of my daily paintings. More can be seen at my Painting of the Day Blog.

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