Thursday, March 10, 2011

Artists and Galleries

I visited an Art Gallery at Clearwater Beach Fl yesterday. When I am in an area I try to see as much art as I possible can. One of the artist who work I saw was Martin Quen.

Her work reminds me of Kandinsky and Mark Rothko. When I view art I think of it as a visual poem. It can imply,suggest,take you to a special place with it's images and colour. Visual movement is like a song to my soul. Colours bright, cool,warm, move me ,they dance through my mind.

What are you thinking when you look at art? I hope it makes you smile and think about what the artist is saying in his visual poem.

Here are a few of my small daily paintings. To see more of my daily art visit my blog Painting of the Day where I post a new painting each day.

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