Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When Inspiration Strikes

Artist need a stream of fresh ideas something they can work with that keep us excited and fires up the old paint brushes. Inspiration strikes me at the oddest times when I am standing in line at the grocery store, half way through my morning run, or in the middle of the night, that is why I created my idea journal.

I have more than one. I keep a small one in my purse to write down ideas and do thumb nail sketch's. It's not large but I have found that even the worst ink is better than my soggy memory.

The one on my desk is a spiral 5x8 sketch book that is the perfect size for writing and drawing in.I have a second one like this in the studio because inspiration can hit me with another idea when I am in the middle of painting. So I quick jot it down make a sketch and have some to refer back to later.

When I lack inspiration, I review my notes because at midnight the great ideas seem to come to me.

To view my daily painting visit my blog at Painting of the Day.

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