Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A Limited Palette of Color

I have spoken before of the value of using a limited palette. Having an organized paint palette is an essential part of oil painting. I used a double primary palette with white. A warm and cool red, a warm and cool blue, and a warm and cool yellow.

I have recently added a brown to my palette because I have been painting plien air and it is just quicker to have it then mix it. I usually mix my brown from Cadmium Red and Pthalo Blue which gives me a nice warm brown.

I mix my black from Alizarian Crimson and Ultramarine Blue. This gives me a deep black with out it becoming too flat.
The miracle of the fall landscape is in full swing now. Maples are turning bright red and the other trees add the yellows,oranges, and browns as the green fades from the landscape. Soon it will be painted shades of white and gray but today it is in full splendor.

Delilah Smith, Michigan, USA

The color of a Fall Landscape
The color of a Fall Landscape, painting by Delilah Smith

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The Color of a Fall Landscape
oil on hardboard

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