Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Artistic Inspiration of the Cupcake

I some times think of myself as the Andy Rooney of Cupcakes.
Andy would take a few minutes at the end of 60 min to talk about a trivial everyday issue. It could be something as simple as all the types and brands of bottled water we have; when in the US we have the highest quality of drinking water in the world .

I take cupcakes and bring them to a whole new level. I just love to painting them. I paint them in so many different ways, with so many different colors, I never run out of inspiration. Cupcakes are a rainbow of ideas for me topped with frosting.

Cupcakes with other things.
Lots of cupcakes

Party cupcakes.

Cupcakes for birthdays.
Cupcakes for Holidays.

Cupcakes with fruit.

Cupcakes with thick yummy frosting. Cupcakes with candy a double treet,

Cupcakes for the seasons fall,spring, summer and winter.

Cupcakes that celebrate our Nation.

Tiny little aceo cupcakes

Have a yummy day and go enjoy a cupcake.

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Mairi said...

If seduction through colour was what you were after you've certainly succeeded. Wonderful cupcakes, and lots of other beautiful things as well.

Delilah said...

Thank You so much

Kim Blair said...

Hi Delilah:
Your cupcake paintings are wonderful. I like the swirls of the icing and all the cute red cherries. This series would look really good hung in a bakery. What a great place to show off your unique cupcake work.