Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Vista or an Apple

I recently installed an update to my vista computer and of course it required a restart to complete it, so I restarted the computer but while it was starting up and putting the final touches on its update(where it says please do not shut down computer) it blue screened and had to restart(the blue screen happens every once in awhile when i start my computer normally...)now whenever i try to start my computer it starts trying to do the update thing but it does nothing and then it shuts itself down. I have tried to go back to the last system recovery point, maybe that will work, if not i could really use some help. It seem that Vista is sending really bad updates for it system. I have been reading that many people are having the same issues.

None of my hardware works with this system. If I have to buy all new, maybe it's time to give apple a try.

Having a bad day in the art studio not getting any painting done

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