Monday, March 09, 2009

Have a TEAM

The poet wrote that "no man is an island' and that is certainly true for artist.

By definition, business flourishes in the "market-place," with vendors and suppliers, staff and customers all swirling around! It's how business gets done. Artist need to remember they are in a business.

Artist often forget they are running a small business. They too often feel alone. They don't get the help they need, the help that could push them to the next level.

An artist is a micro-businesses, one person quite literally the owner, the manager, the staff,the computer expert, the janitor and the bookkeeper. That can be lonely and inefficient. Working from home, or from a one-person studio can be distracting and (at times) depressing. If you can afford it try to get some help. It could move you to your next level by freeing more time to work on what you love, your art.

Even if you work with other people, however, too often the feeling or sense is still that we are "all alone," especially if you are in a position of leadership, you have a passion for what you are doing and sales are down, you are struggling to push your art to the next level.

One of the most valuable resources any artist can have is a Master Mind team of trusted colleagues who will listen and advise you.

Having a TEAM of people who will be honest with you, who understand your challenges and will share their wisdom can be a HUGE advantage!If you don't have a "kitchen cabinet" or unofficial "board of directors," get one! I have sweet little team of 3 other artist who share their daily goals and personal challenges with me. One who's blog I am sure you would enjoy reading is Lisa Call a textile artist.

Get a support team. In today's challenging market a good support team, not a whining wooh -boo-hoo team is a great advantage. Get advisers you trust, people who know and understand your situation, people who do not compete with you and who will not play games. Meet with them once a week if you can or like I do daily on the Internet my TEAM is from across the US and we take care of business, and help each other to be the very BEST artist that we can be.

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paintandink said...

Good advice and some I really need to heed!

Delilah said...

Great get your team working let me know how it helps

Lisa said...

Thanks for the mention. Looking forward to getting the remodel done so I can get back to our daily emails.