Monday, May 19, 2008

Roots No 5

I finally named this one. I have titled it Roots No 5. Now I have the base down it's time to add some color.

I understand that it is Internation Pickle Week so I am giving you a little information on it along with two fun watercolors I have done of pickles. I wouldn't want to miss out on the fun and I hope you don't either so eat your veggies and make one of them a pickle.

International Pickle Week is sponsored by Pickle Packers International, who promote the idea that pickles are the world's funniest vegetable. Not everyone agrees, however. In fact, pickles are considered subversive by the PPP, the Pickle Protesters of Pittsburgh, who point out that although pickles originated in Asia, they've now infiltrated the entire world. The PPP especially fears the increasingly popular Mediterranean Squirting Pickle which, when ripe, explodes and squirts its seeds all over the place. The PPP will mark International Pickle Week by calling for an International Pickle Freeze. Which, if successful, could mean the end of chow-chow as we know it.
Pickle Week is the brain-child of Bill "The Dill" Moore of Pickle Packers International in Chicago. Bill traveled the world promoting Pickle Power. He said, "Pickle Power is neither right-wing nor left-wing -- it's in the middle with the mustard."
One of the big Pickle Week observances is the annual Pickle Fest in Atkins, Arkansas, featuring the World Champion Pickle Juice Drinking Contest. Which sounds like a quick way to seriously gag your bladder.
This is International Pickle Week, sponsored by Perky Pam Peck's Pressure-Packed Peppered Pickles of Pottstown, Pennsylvania. It's ironic. Perky Pam packed a passel of peppered pickles in Pottstown, yet there was a time she didn't even have a pot to pack in.
International Pickle Week marks the discovery of the pickle in India 4,030 years ago, give or take a few centuries.
This is International Pickle Week. How can they have a special week for pickles? What's next, National Pork & Beans Month? Turnip Tuesday? Stewed Tomato Weekend? Prune Fortnight? I just hope they never have National Leftovers Year.

So here are some fun little watercolors.

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