Thursday, May 29, 2008

Geraniums and Watermellon

Geraniums and Watermellon
A painting in the Organically Grown Series

This painting is still in the begining process but it is starting to take shape. I'm not happy with the background, so I will be making some changes to it as I work. I think I need to reason out the color in the back ground.

"How difficult it is to be simple." (Vincent van Gogh) "Brevity is the sister of talent." (Anton Chekhov) "Less is more." (Robert Browning)

Pierre Bonnard, no slouch in the colour department, said, "You reason color more than you reason drawing. It has a logic as severe as form." Understanding and mastering colour requires thought, diligence, experimentation and commitment. Taste plays its part--a sip here, a sip there--and simple ingredients often make the best soup. "Color is like cooking," said the granddaddy of colour knowledge, Josef Albers. "The cook puts in more or less salt, that's the difference!"

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