Thursday, November 08, 2018

Last tomato painting demo

This has nothing to do with making good paintings, and everything to do with the act of painting itself. But making a good one is so sweet!

I think it is very important to connect with people to let them know who you are and how you work.
I am bad at doing this. I'm not sure why as artist we skip the things that can push us ahead and make us better artist by being better communicators .

If you have never made a You Tube video this is the easiest way. just take pictures as you paint add captions and music. If you are really good at editing you can put a camera up and talk while you paint. I personally forget to talk. That is very strange because I am normally such a chatter box but in the studio there is just me and my cat so I forget to talk.

I was just asked "What is local  color"? That is a great question.

In painting, local color is the natural color of an object unmodified by adding unrealistic light and shadow or any other distortion.  So I start with a basic red then add the darker red and high lights.

The color that the eye observes is altered by lighting conditions such as time of day or the surrounding environment. Local color is best seen on a matte surface, due to it not being reflected, and therefore distorted.

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