Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Believe in yourself, and stay motivated as an artist


Do you think it's possible to do what you love, make money from it, and stay motivated continuously?

Hummm, I have ways to keep me going to think outside the box so staying motivated  not so mush of a problem.

Make money , gee whiz that would be really great. But that harder for me then staying motivated.

Love what I do? It doesn't get any better for me I love this life.

Did you answer yes to all of those questions?

If not here are a few ways to get the juice going.

You must believe in your work and your product. If you don’t, you won’t have the enthusiasm to create; to share, and to sell with gusto.

We’re all at different points on our own, unique line. This is why we need to see ourselves as a work in progress.

Start with, "What do you love doing?" "Where does your heart lie?" "Which of these is calling to you?"

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