Friday, May 23, 2014

How to Sell Prints of Your Art Work

Print on Demand - Online Printing

It seems to me like the best way for artists these days to begin selling prints of their work is one line. There are a number of companies who offer this online service, but basically it works like this:

1. You upload a good quality photo of your artwork to the print on demand website.

 2. You set the prices and options for your prints and the company adds their costs and markups.

 3. A buyer purchases a print of your work from the website in any of the print options available. eg. paper, canvas wrap, acrylic print, postcards, etc.

 4. The print company automatically produces the order and delivers it to the buyer. 

5. The print company pays you at the end of the month for your sales. 

 I can tell you that I sell a few this way and I am confident it will grow. There is a very low fee of $30 you can hardly go wrong. As the artist you also get the opportunity to purchase prints of your own work at cost price. So if you need prints for a show so darn easy.

They also give you your own website for this price and a blog and all sorts of promotional tools - quite amazing actually. Now for my shameless self promotion:if you're looking for a cheaper way to own some of my artwork - here's your chance! :-) Just click here

(By the way that's an affiliate link so I do get a wee commission from them if you sign up - nifty the way you can make money online isn't it? Always thinking. You can do the same yourself if you sign up with them.)

Here is the Link: Fine Art America

So get going , I can here the cha-ching in your pay pal account right now.

Delilah  Smith - Bunny and Butterflies

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Jennifer Taylor said...

Very cool Delilah! I love your artwork! Thanks for sharing!!