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How to Grow as an Artist Part . 2

Space: Find a space that is always yours--where you can set up and work in continuity. It need not be large, but it ought to be yours.

Artists studios like office spaces are as diverse as the people who work in them. There is no hard and fast rule as to how they should be laid out or what you should have in them as essentials!

I know one artist who turned a very small unused closet into their art space.

Depending on the art one creates, the height of the space is important.
My studio in Florida only has 8 ft ceilings and this is a big problem for me. I do a lot of watercolors when I am Florida or plein air because of this issue.There is always a way to create if painting is your passion.

Studio spaces outside the home fit into three categories. A "private studio space" (which means the space does not have regular times when it is open to the public) is strictly for experimentation, conceptual and technical development, and physical production of work.

 A "studio/exhibition space" is similar in its creative nature to a private studio but is regularly open to the public and showcases pieces specifically from the artist who works in that space.

 A "studio/gallery space" is where an artist creates works in the space and features those artworks as well as pieces from artists who produce elsewhere.

And don't forget if this is not in your budget try Plein Air painting it is truly wonderful.

When working with oil paints and solvents, ventilation is always recommended but more so in a small space. An exhaust fan can help move the air from inside the studio outdoors and stepping outside the studio for frequent breaks is good practice as well. I personally do not use much in the way of solvents. I only use them at the end of a painting session to clean my brushes and they are kept in an old coffee can with a lid.

Lighting :
In the event that your studio does not offer good natural light as mine does not in Michigan because I work in the basement  and it lacks windows.I also work at night so I have replaced standard incandescent light bulbs with full spectrum lighting. Full spectrum does just what it says and provides the full spectrum of sunlight to mimic natural light helping you to see the true nature of your colours. In recent years the cost of full spectrum lighting has come down quite a bit and is affordable.

The storage space:
It would be wonderful if you sold everything you painted and didn't need this but alas you will, if only for blank canvas. I will go into greater detail on different kinds of storage areas in another blog post.

Fell Free to post a picture of your creative space I know I would love to see it.

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