Saturday, February 15, 2014

Finished or Abandoned

Leonardo da Vinci famously said, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.”

Oh I have lots of them, poor babies left in the bath water.

This accumulation of unfinished works is a byproduct of my artistic temperament.

Once I’m in process, I can easily overwork a painting by constantly making changes and adjustments.The colors will become muddy or licked down.

So I like to set it aside for awhile and let it rest so I can look on it with a fresh eye. I eventually lose track of my initial concept I should take notes write a journal and start a file for each WIP (work in progress) and the direction I wanted to take the work to. It is easy to destroying a painting that had shown a lot of promise.

I like to have more than one painting going at a time, at least four. I find this very beneficial for me, the side effect is an accumulation of unfinished works. Because all of a sudden I get focused on a new series, idea, or commission. Instead of staying interested and focused on a couple of paintings at a time, I tend to amass dozens. I am a very prolific artist so this works for me.

But wait what about the baby in the now luck warm water waiting for the final scrub ,drying and  a little powder on it's bum?

I started this painting a year ago in my Studio in Florida. I was painting a series of fish at the time. This little guy 24x48 was not done when I went back to my Michigan studio so I left it in Florida not wanting to move it with wet paint. It has been sitting in a corner of the studio.
Abandoned, all alone . I have decided to work on one fish each day until I have it completed.

It will take a few weeks but I will get this painting completed. Today I am working on this Fish.

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