Monday, February 25, 2013

Be who you are and Paint what you love

I hope your painting is going well.

It's no secret that it's hard times financially for most artists around the world.Two of my own representative galleries have gone under in the past few years.

    There’s a saying that I love: “Don’t try and give the world what you think it needs, do what makes you come alive, the world NEEDS more of those people.” I really take that to heart and I hope that you will too… When you passionately pursue your dream, you create a unique road to travel on that is full of surprises and amazing experiences and people.

See, it doesn’t even matter what you are passionate about; it could be art, writing, selling your products or services…When you radiate passion, people of all walks of life are drawn to YOU, even if they aren’t totally interested in what you are offering. They become emotionally involved in you and the story you can tell them about whatever it is that you are offering.

So, for those of you that don’t absolutely love what you are doing, selling, etc, you need to move on to something that makes you come alive. I’m not saying quit your job, what I’m saying is that you need to start something after-hours that really makes you tick. If you are already on the road of doing what you are passionate about, congratulations. Success is much more attracted to people who love what they do.

 It’s only a matter of time before more and more people start to notice you and connect with you and your story.

As you know I have a passion for Painting and each year I start at least one large painting. If you follow my small daily paintings on  Painting of the Day you know I already paint one warm up work each day that takes about 2-3 hours to do, well these large works take 3-4 months to complete sometimes longer.

I have had a hard deciding just what I was going to paint and I have changes my mind several times. The sketch book is full of sometime maybe ideas.I finally decided that I would paint something a little whimsical and from my childhood. I grew up on a Michigan farm so I love painting farm animals.

I started by going to Lowes and buying lumber to build a stretcher frame. The painting is going to be 6 feet high and 4 feet wide. This is really large for something whimsical but I am already in love with the crazy idea.

I built the frame stretched the canvas then added 4 coats of gesso sanding after each coat dried.

I sketched it in with some alizarin crimson just to mark where I wanted things. It will be painted over so it's just to give me an ides of placement.

I want a rear view of the cow so I have been looking at a lot of cow behinds lately, oh the things we do for art.

because this is going to be a Michigan cow I wanted it to be on the shores of Lake Michigan, above I have added the sky and below I have started to add the water.

It's going to be bright sunny day so I have started to work on the shadow area. I work from the top down that way I don't get my arm in the paint so often. I will be posting more as a work on this old cow.


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