Friday, October 19, 2012

It's better to....

Art by Delilah

It's better to...

It's better to be a pirate than join the Navy."
- Steve Jobs (1955-2011), Founder of Apple

You can follow the lastest trend with your art or you can set sial for hidden bouty with your own ship full of ideas. Maybe taking a little here and there from outher artist but building your own artist view as you sail off to Treasure Island.

It is easier to go down a hill than up it but the view is much better at the top.

"Henry Ward Beecher "

I have hear mention that a study of census data  by the National Endowment for the Arts found that nearly 2 million people earn a living as artists.

Lately, I’ve been interested in finding facts about the status of professional visual artists in this country. Is the “starving artist” a commonplace condition or a myth?
There was a time when becoming an artist meant devoting yourself to a starving, bohemian lifestyle, sleeping on a futon and burning your rejected works to stay warm. But artists should feel a little more encouraged now that a new study from the National Endowment for the Arts reveals that the artist lifestyle isn't as conventional wisdom might have it.

"Artists seem to have mastered the art of living as well. 35% of artists are self-employed and artists are 3 times more likely to work from home than the general laborer.On the whole, the NEA's results determined "artists to be entrepreneurial (more likely to be self-employed) and more educated than the workforce at large." Interesting facts about artist life styles click here to read more.

The median income for fine artists was $43,000/year.

Here is the list to aim for The Top of the Hill :

The 100 Best Living American Artists
PicassoMio has compiled a list of the best 100 living American artists, based on artwork sales, number and type of exhibitions, and other market factors. 
  1. Bruce Nauman
  2. Robert Rauschenberg
  3. Cindy Sherman
  4. Ed Ruscha
  5. Jasper Johns
  6. Lawrence Weiner
  7. John Baldessari
  8. Jeff Koons
  9. Paul McCarthy
  10. Richard Serra
  11. Dan Graham
  12. Bill Viola
  13. Ellsworth Kelly
  14. Nan Goldin
  15. Tony Oursler
  16. Mike Kelley
  17. Raymond Pettibon
  18. Matthew Barney
  19. Carl Andre
  20. Vito Acconci
  21. Jenny Holzer
  22. Frank Stella
  23. Cy Twombly
  24. Alex Katz
  25. Jim Dine
  26. Gary Hill
  27. Richard Tuttle
  28. Chuck Close
  29. Dennis A. Oppenheim
  30. Robert Gober
  31. Barbara Kruger
  32. Joseph Kosuth
  33. Kara Walker
  34. Roni Horn
  35. Richard Artschwager
  36. Martha Rosler
  37. Doug Aitken
  38. Christian Marclay
  39. Robert Morris
  40. Robert Ryman
  41. Jack Pierson
  42. William Wegman
  43. James Rosenquist
  44. Brice Marden
  45. Louise Lawler
  46. Paul Pfeiffer
  47. Sherrie Levine
  48. William Eggleston
  49. Andrea Zittel
  50. Chris Burden
  51. Diana Thater
  52. Lorna Simpson
  53. Robert Longo
  54. Matt Mullican
  55. James Turrell
  56. Robert Mangold
  57. Andrés Serrano
  58. Robert Barry
  59. Sharon Lockhart
  60. Elizabeth Peyton
  61. Catherine Opie
  62. Adrian Piper
  63. Lee Friedlander
  64. Robert Indiana
  65. David Hammons
  66. Gregory Crewdson
  67. Donald Baechler
  68. Peter Halley
  69. John Currin
  70. Joan Jonas
  71. Julian Schnabel
  72. Tom Sachs
  73. Jim Shaw
  74. Glenn Ligon
  75. Mark Dion
  76. James Welling
  77. David Salle
  78. Allan McCollum
  79. Jimmie Durham
  80. Philip-Lorca diCorcia
  81. Terry Winters
  82. Christopher Wool
  83. Charles Ray
  84. Rita McBride
  85. Andrea Fraser
  86. Helen Frankenthaler
  87. Jonathan Horowitz
  88. Larry Clark
  89. Eric Fischl
  90. Robert Adams
  91. John Chamberlain
  92. Tom Friedman
  93. Mel Bochner
  94. Dara Birnbaum
  95. Sam Durant
  96. Ellen Gallagher
  97. Elaine Sturtevant
  98. Allen Ruppersberg
  99. Allan Sekula
  100. Laurie Simmons
Thats a nice long list.. Out of 2,000,000 to be in the top 100. Paint on my friends and I hope to see your name on the list soon. Just remember brush miles gets you closer to the finish line and quitters never win.



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