Monday, January 02, 2012

Self-directed Evolution

 Setting Goals for 2011

I decided that this woud be the year of Self-directed Evolution. I try to find a buzz work to keep me going each year to push me a little. I like this one.

We are gradually influenced, every single day, by a thousand small shifts that come into our

 By decideing where you would like to be in 52 weeks self directed, you can make decission that will help you get there quicker.

I am convinced that we are influenced far more than we know by our environment . I know I watch to much TV and have not been reading enough. I also know I read more than 99% of the US population. scary to think how many people let other direct them. The things we think about do shape our lives.The way we talk to outselves make a difference. I am great for talking to my self to my paintings to the cat, for the cat, now I make it positive. I change the adjective and adverbs to be uplifting and exploritative.

One of my resolution this year is to run everyday, weather permitting. I have decided that I will listen to audio books while I run, doing what wemon do best multi tasking.

 I hope you will be just as thoughtful about the "little things" that influence you more quietly, the things that fill your environment with hidden or subtle messages.

 Choose the radio station in your car. Choose the books on your coffee table. Choose the shows and movies you watch. Chosse the words that you talk to yourself with.Choose the artwork that you look at everyday.You noticed I said choose because it is alway up to you.

Think about the people you associate with and listen to their words with a "third ear" that scrutinizes everything and asks, "Is this good for me?" Your life will be shaped in powerful ways by the "stuff"
that surrounds you every day, all year long. Choose well!

"Don't wait for a light to appear at the end of the tunnel,
stride down there and light the bloody thing yourself."
     --  Sara Henderson
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Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

That's quite a goal to run every day. I like running about every other day or 4 days a week. I seem to feel better when I give myself a break in between. Of course, I'm not a "runner", Im more of a jogger...a very slow jogger!

Delilah said...

Hi Kimberly,
Goals are bench marks to make me stretch. I run almost everyday. tomorrow my goal is 7 miles but the weathers report says maybe rain so we will see. It may be 2 miles in the rain yucky.

Liz said...

You have made some wonderful goal. Your post is so inspiration.Thanks for shaaring

Delilah said...

Thank you Liz for taking the time to stop in.