Sunday, February 06, 2011

Are you having fun yet

Are you having fun yet?

It's February already and I should be at 8% of my yearly goal for 2011. I can relax things are on schedule as planed. I have been nurturing the inner self with a few good books,great friends,and wonderful music. I have always been fascinated by those who can paint pictures with words,reading is an obsession for me. It is one of the fun things I do.

How do you define fun? I suspect our definitions of fun are quite different. The way we have fun impacts our goals and defines who we are. Fun for me is doing what most people consider work. My life is about learning,doing and oh boy having fun meeting my daily challenges, I hope all of you are nurturing who you really are, by having fun.

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Below are a few of my daily paintings.One of the ways have fun.

"Failure is Not an Option -- It comes bundled with the

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