Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Venus of Willendorf project

Art Prize was about a platform for artist to show what and how they create. Artist Brenda Oelbaum from Ann Arbor Michigan had a large scale installation that had a social commentary to it. Brenda believes in change. Brenda's work caught my eye taking back down the misty road of a young art students first art history class and remembering the Venus of Willendorf. For those of you that have never seen or heard of the Venus of Willendorf here are few images that can be viewed take a look then view Brenda's work.

More about Brenda's installation can be found at the Art Prize web site.
A close up look at Brenda as she worked on her Venus during the show.

This is one of the great things about Art Prize, you can meet the artist, find out what really made them create this work, what direction do they think they will move in the future.

There are also smaller Venus structures that are made of the pages of one specific diet guru eg. Dr. Phil McGraw, or Oprah Winfrey,or Dr.Atkins, The books fill up the room and the sculptures are interspersed throughout the room.

She is currently working on a large scale installation which is both a physical and visual attack and commentary on the US government's supposed "War on Obesity" and the multi-billion dollar diet industry. Her work has appeared in the book 'Art in the Age of Terrorism'. Brenda has a studio in Ann Arbor Michigan. If you would like to visit Brenda's Studio she will be participating in the 11th annual Ann Arbor Art Walk Oct 22-24. For more detail please visit Ann Arbor Art Walk.
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