Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All those Voices

Staregazer Lilies ,flowers,watercolor
Staregazer Lilies ,flowers,watercolor, painting by Delilah Smith

About This Painting:
Staregazer Lilies (H09-8775) painted in watercolors on 140 lb coldpressed watercolor paper. The painting is 9x12 and matted in a white acid free matt to measure 11x14.

Media: watercolor
Size: 9 in X 11 in (22.9 cm X 27.9 cm)
Price: $100 USD

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Everyone has multiple conversations and priorities going on, competing agendas that come into play every time we make a choice about doing, buying, creating or interacting.

I think these voices (and a few I missed) determine which career we choose, how good a job we do, where we shop and what we watch and how we manage our time.

Here are a few of the voice I hear:

The ego--seeks applause and recognition. ( Oh as artist how are little or large egos seek a little recognition. What is recognition for one artist may not be for the next. How many gallery,how much money,how many sold paintings,what shows you get into or just a little note from a viewer says gee that one is nice.)

The lizard--seeks safety, wants to fit in and not be rejected or criticized. ( a hard voice for use artists, takes the safe route)

The artist--wants to be generous, creative and make positive change with impact. Take it and make it beautiful( yea I hear that voice a lot)

The boxer--wants to poke and be poked, seeks revenge and ultimately victory. ( I have blocked that voice out, it doesn't speak to me any more or I just do not hear it)

The zombie--wants to turn off and be entertained. ( that happens around 11:30 at night when I flip on the TV)

The philanthropist--wants to help, anonymously. ( That's me, and I could spend all day doing it)

The evangelist--wants to spread an idea. ( I try to keep my big mouth shut,unless asked then it's like a runaway wagon going down hill with lots of dust behind it. )

The hunter--wants to successfully track and bring down a target. ( I am always hunting seeking try to track down the perfect gallery the best show, better equipment, stuff. That's me the stuff tracker.

The worst voice of all, THE PROCRASTINATOR:the voice that says not now it can wait. May you can send that portfolio next month.( Oh yea I hear that voice all to often. )

There's a lot of overlap of voices in my head sometime they are all shouting at me. Who's winning? What are you, what do you want to be? When you're being your best self at your job, what are you doing? Which voice are you listening too then?

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