Wednesday, April 01, 2009

working on a starfish painting

I have been playing with the idea of sea shells.

I like the ones you pick up and as my father told me,” If you hold them up to your ear you can hear the sea.” The one I am working on for the painting is a starfish he is quite, he makes no sounds, the secrets of the sea are kept by my lonely little starfish.

I love hearing the sound of waves . I love hearing the sea outside my studio door but I will be going back to Michigan soon.
Elvis ( AKA cat from hell) the studio cat lake watching. Sometimes in the afternoon the dolphins come swimming up to the dock just outside the studio door.
He knock my starfish on the floor today but I was lucky it didn't break, he is very curious about anything new in the studio.
Its 45 in Michigan today and 80 here :gee whiz, make you want to stay just a little longer.
Back to my painting, I can’t decide if I should make it into a large grouping or just one large one painting?

This is a small study I did for my daily painting. I am still working on getting that video camera going and making my first video.

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