Monday, December 08, 2008


Ireland 2008
Challenges are how we learn and grow.
Success is the result of solving problems and moving forward in the face of difficulty, so expect "interesting" situations in 2009.
Taking them in stride builds your confidence. As an artist we are always solving problems, sometimes in our paintings, our lives,and other times in how we market our art but we strive to move our careers forward.
This summer I visited Ireland were my great-great grandmother came from. She was a mail order bride, who came to the US during the " potato famine in 1850. I saw a ship that was similar to the one she came over in, they were called death ships because over half of the passengers would die on the voyage. It gave me a vivid, painful picture of the terrible condition the trip to America in this ship had been. The challenges she faced coming here, no money,poor health,and not able to speak the language. I think this is something many people do not realize that at the time most Irish of "Peasant Stock", as my Grandmother refereed to us, did not speak English. I didn't mention that this little Irish mail order bride was 13 at the time. She built a new life here by overcoming the the difficult challenges of her time.

As I prepare for the New Year I will be approaching the challenges of a slower economy and how to market my art in these times of economic downturn. As artist we must keep focus on both sides of our business development; the business of making art and the business of marketing it. I will be trying to learn new ways to grow my business so I can do what I love to do best make art.

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