Monday, July 28, 2008

The Dog Days of Summer

Sultry hot wind under blue skies and sleepy eyed cats staying cool under the cedars. Lovely hot Michigan long weekend, with only a touch of breeze to my delight!
Great time for some summer reading. I am reading Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit.

Grab yourself some summer reading and a good lawn chair, with a glass of something cool. The painting here is as thirst quenchingly cool as a cucumber. What you have here is a Cucumber Martini, a real thirst quencher . Maybe I should have added some fresh mint?

The dog days of summer are nearly upon us. Sweltering heat with no sign of relief, warm winds tossing seedlings in the air skimming lazy bees. The buzz I hear from my studio is the hum of jet ski's on the lake.Today the sky is a deep powder blue with rosy pink clouds. Twilight endures until nearly 10:30 pm.

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