Sunday, March 16, 2008

St Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated worldwide by Irish people and increasingly by non-Irish people (usually in Australia, North America, Ireland) as well. Celebrations are generally themed around all things Irish and, by association, the colour green. Both Christians and non-Christians celebrate the secular version of the holiday by wearing green or orange, eating Irish food and/or green foods, imbibing Irish drink (such as Guinness) and attending parades.

I decided to honor my Irish roots and paint green beer today. I started with a pencil sketch to work on the placement of the glasses.

I then did a more detail drawing decideing where the dark area would be and the high lights.

I chose a small 8x6 canvas and painted in the background to get a feel for the glass' of beer.

Green Beer finished cold and ready for St Patricks Day.


I decided to honor my Irish roots and paint Green Beer today.


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