Sunday, November 18, 2007

A New Series

I am creating a new series of small paintings. They will be small 6x6 and 6x12 paintings with a central theme of kitchen items food,vegetable,fruit, and utensils. Prices at $100.00 each. I will be posting paintings here as I complete them. They will start with the alphabet A-Z in the title and who know where they might go after that. The first in the series is A is for Apple.

A is for APPLE

6x6x1 1/2

oil on gallery wrapped canvas

I love doing these small contemporary oil paintings. Working small is a challenge. The second one in the series is B is for Beets. I just had friends over for dinner and Steve told me the only food he hates are beets. Hummm I love beets, especially when it comes to painting them. The deep purples and cadmium reds with those lovely heart shaped leaves. The stems and leaves have purple reds running up into the leaves.

B is for Beet
oil on gallery wrapped canvas

House art is fun and visual art makes a great gift.

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