Monday, January 15, 2007

First Show of 2007

Downtown Dunedin street Art Festival

The first show of the season is always fun. This is a Howard Alan Art event and if you are an artist and have done one of his shows you know how well run they are. Set up was a breeze, of course it was at 5 AM bright and early. Actually this is wonderful because it's cool, there is lots of time before the first clients come out, and a little time to get breakfast also. Speaking of breakfast, if you have never been to Keely's for breakfast it is a must so yummy and wonderful service.
Art lovers were out in full force at this show. There were plenty of lookers and just as many buyers because the weather was as beautiful as the art.
Now I have to paint for my next showto replace all the painting that I sold.
Thank you to everyone who came out and bought my art and thank you to everyone who took a few minutes out of there day to say hi.


Casey Klahn said...

You are a hardy one, dear. My first show outside won't be til June, thank goodness.
Six degrees, here. Snow, tire repairs in the driveway, snowsuits on the kids...
Hope the art fairs smile on you this year!

Delilah said...

Hi Casey,

Flordia is wonderful this time of year. When I left Michigan on Jan 4 my pansies were still blooming and it was 55. My brother tells me it's very cold now.

My next show is Feb 3& 4 at Hobe Sound. I really want to start doing more galleries but on my way to check out the galleries in Tampa I got broadsided by someone who ran a stop sign. Now I have to get my courage up to try the trip again.


The Epiphany Artist said...

Oh I am so sorry you had an accident! But it looks like the show was wonderful!!!