Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tree Town

I finished the second painting for the off the wall gallery in Ann Arbor Michigan.I haven't been blogging because of all the problems they have been having with the blog site. I like to add pictures and their system has been down for weeks. I spend hours posting my painting a day. I will add a picture of the tree banner as soon as I can.


Lesly said...

This is a lovely piece, Delilah. And thank you so much for adding you name to Art Blogs 4 U.

Just wanted to ask you if you would like to write something about this blog and your art that I could include in a post on the Art Blogs 4 U site?

I want to try and raise the profile by posting once or twice a week about the artists, in addition to maintaining the List itself.

Hope that you will agree to it .. but no worries if you don't feel that you want to.

best wishes

Delilah said...

Yes I would live to how do I do it?